Exclusive resins & TIBBP resins

The resin horses you see here are like none you will see anywhere else. They are exclusive for Resins by Randy and very limited in production. Each horse is meticulously and lovingly made completely by hand right here in our studio, one at a time. Stainless steel rods and wires are individually bent by hand and placed in all legs, tails and flying tendrils of mane to insure the integrity of their structure. Some horses have up to 12 rods and wires in their bodies!  Creating these horses is an art in itself. The resin we use is a 2-part, artists quality white polyurethane resin.  Some of our horses are "solid cast", meaning solid resin,  which are fairly heavy, and others are "roto cast, or hollow cast, meaning the mold has been put on a spinning machine and the resin is swirled through the inside of the mold until all the sides have a coating but the inside of the horse's body stays hollow. This makes the horse lighter.  The horses you see for sale here are being offered unpainted. We have painted horses available in another section on this site. All our unpainted resin cast horses are clean and all seams have been removed. Any divots or air bubbles are filled and sanded. Any exposed wires are also covered with epoxy and sanded. We are proud of our reputation for clean casts! If you are not happy with a horse we cast, let us know! We stand behind our work.
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Erastus, by Kitty Cantrell and Randy Buckler. $165.

Switchback, Classic Mustang stallion by Kitty Cantrell, $85

Rastus, Hair-prep version stallion, by Kitty Cantrell, $145

New to our line!  Last Tyme, by Rebecca Turner

New to our line! Storm Chaser by Rebecca Turner

Mister Mule by Yvonne Nixon, $150

New to our line! Gypsy Gold, $185

Kyron, large traditional sized Unicorn by Mandy Hickman-Bateman, $250

Vincenzo, Bowing Andalusian Stallion, Long mane version, by Brigitte Eberl. Casting now!

Vincenzo by Brigitte Eberl, Version II, braided mane and tail, $220.

Sergei, Akhal Teke Stallion by Kitty Cantrell

Stagefright! Collaboration cranky horse by Melanie Schulmeyer and Deb Buckler

New to our line! Sherman, by Yvonne Stevens, $165

Sculpted by Kitty Cantrell and pictured here painted by Gina Hall

Arabian mare by Trish Forsythe.

Indigo Blue is casting!

Freedom, by Kitty Cantrell. Now available in BRONZE!

Highflyer, Standardbred Pacer
by Tracie Caller

Babette, Heavy Draft Mare by Brigitte Eberl

Before The Storm, by Rita Menard-Baker and Randy Buckler

Metolious, Friesian Gelding
by Sue Sifton

New! Absinth by Brigitte Eberl.

Verrocio, by Brigitte Eberl 


Rabbani, Traditional Arabian Stallion
by Trish Forsythe

Gotland Russ pony "Russtic" by Kitty Cantrell, $165

Shipping now!!! Deja-Vu, cantering Arabian gelding by Kathleen Moody


***More horses below *** TIBBP resins

New mini's for TIBBP! 
The following resin horses are exclusive horses in our line that we are either closing out because the mold is aging and there are very limited casts available, OR, they are part of our benefit program that started with The International Blessed Broodmare Project. Some of the proceeds from the sales of specific horses will be used as donations to various rescues we help support. Please ask first for availability before ordering.

Greylea Whisper, Large classic English pony by Karen Grigson. $125.

The Official International Blessed Broodmare Plaque!
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New mini benefit horses for TIBBP

New! Exclusive resin horse for TIBBP Damiana!

Tiny mini Draft baby, "First Draft"

Santa Maria and Sendai, ASB mare
and foal.

Mini Crusher by Kitty Cantrell

 Buster, Exclusive resin cast horse by
Yvonne Davey.
Gaucho~Criolo Stallion by Yvonne Davey

Ramses, Eden, and Merry, Traditional Arabians by Carol Howard. Shown here painted by Kim Burd

Belgian stallion "Sargeant" by Janet Edington, $125

Greylea Whisper, Large classic English pony by Karen Grigson. $125.

Dartanian and Aramis, Morgan Stallions by Kitty Cantrell~ $100.
~ Buy both Dartanian and Aramis for $185.

Duffy~ Miniature Horse by Trish
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