Riata, by Terra Pennington

First of all, I apologise for these terrible pictures! Little Riata is only 2 1/2 inches tall, and my camera has a hard time focusing on these little guys! But if you are familier with artist Terra Pennington, then you know these pictures don't do her work justice. Terra has done an amazing job on these tiny little mares. Such attention to detail! Delicate dapples and pains-taking shading have brought their little personalities to life. And what personalities these girls are packin'!  This is Riata, the stablemate Mustang mare by Linda York. Riata has a baby foal named Tango that is not with her now, but she still has a full bag of milk for when they get back together. She is a high spirited little mare and Terra has captured her attitude just perfectly.
 Only $75. for either the bay or grey pictured here, and that includes shipping!