Russtic, Gotland Russ Pony by Kitty Cantrell

Russtic is the newest addition to our exclusive line at Resins by Randy. With much insight and input from all our Swedish collectors, Kitty Cantrell has sculpted the perfect Gotland Russ Pony. This is a beautiful little stallion and he has been critiqued by the very people who know and love this breed. Russtic is gentle and intelligent but there's a glint of mischief in his eye!  I sure wish we  had more of these ponies over here!  Only $165. unpainted, plus $20. shipping INside the states. Overseas shipping is available

 I have casts in hand!  So order away! Hollow cast and beautiful!  Here also are some shots of real Gotland ponies, including the one owned by Evelina Ronnberg, that was the main inspiration for Russtic.  MANY heartfelt thanks to all the folks who helped so much with the creation of this pony!