Welcome to our gallery of painted horses for sale! Here, you will see some of the finest examples of paint jobs by of some of the most talented artists in the hobby. Many of the names here you will recognise, but there are also many new artists represented that are definately on their way to becomming one of the big names. This is a great place to see a particular artists style and use of colors before choosing one to paint your horse. Also, these horses are ready to go now! We've already done the 'waiting' for you! Please choose carefully. All sales are finale. Also, these horses do not last long, so if you see something you like, better pick it up now. Please ASK if a horse is still available before sending money!
Occasionally, we do accept time-payments from people in good financial standing with us. The tack and dolls you see here are for props only. They are not for sale, but we can direct you to their makers.
Click on a picture for details and a larger view.

Sophie by Alice Marcum, $300.

Metolious, Custom Cremello by Gina Hall, $300.

Arvakr, dappled bay by Cinda Rich, $400

Igor, grey sabino by Sherry Clayton, $325

  Kalliel, dappled mahogany bay by Kollean Gouyton, $185

Igor, deep bay by Kathy McKenzie $325

Aggie by Carissa Kirksey, painted by
Randy and Melissa Buckler, $325.

Mr. Mule, Red roan App. by Julie Pritchard, $325.

 Russtic, Gotland Pony bay by Alice Malcom, $285.

  Cognac by Gina Hall, $125.

Duffy, painted dapple rose grey by Kim Burd~ $300

Russtic, Buckskin pinto by Carole Ingram, $285.

Custom Sergeant by Deb Buckler, painted by Yvonne Stevens~ $300

Custom Calliope by Deb Buckler and Kim Burd~ $350

Cognac~ Baby Bay by Cinda Rich~ $125

Momma and Baby Llama by Kolleen Gouyton


Rembrandt, dappled bay sabino by Julie Pritchard, $300

Custom Calliope Zorse by Deb Buckler and Kathy McKenzie~ $300

Painted Llamas finally available!

Riatas by Terra Pennington~ $75
Resins by Randy
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