Sargeant" by Janet Edington

Janet Edington is one of the best model horse sculptors there is, so when she donated this lovely Belgian stallion to TIBBP, we were estatic. This piece stands about 10" to the top of his ears, and his detail is just amazing. An unpainted white cast of Sargeant costs $125. plus shipping. TIBBP will donate $50. out of each sale of Sargeant to the feed or rescue of horses or to a specific rescue. We take paypal!

Here's a picture of a Sargeant painted by artist Yvonne Davey. Wow, now that's realistic! We can help you find an artist to paint Sargeant for you to your specifications.

Here's the REAL horse that inspired Janet. What a beautiful guy! Surprizingly enough, many or the PMU Belgians we helped rescue we actually purebred mares with some show history.