Custom Sergeant by Deb Buckler and Yvonne Stevens

Wow!  This is one majestic Clydesdale Stallion! This is Sergeant, with a full mane and tail, customized by me, Deb Buckler, and painted by Yvonne Stevens (Davey)  Yvonne did a beautiful job on this lovely horse. Lots of painstaking hand detail and amazing realism that is so typical of Yvonne's work. This is my second custom Sergeant with a long mane and tail, and I have to say, I like working on this horse! Many many thanks to Yvonne for blessing my special boy with such a NICE paint job! $400. plus shipping
OK, OK!  First off, I apologise for that harness!  I know it isn't a Draft harness!  But (1), I couldn't FIND my draft harness, and (2) this harness by Susan Gage is SO easy to deal with and it was handy, and (3) was starting to rain and I was running out of time to take pictures!  But the main thing is to show how beautiful this horse is all dressed up with a cart.  He is tack-friendly and SO photogenic he will really attract the attention of the judge!  I hope he goes to a show home as he is sure to 'clean up'!  Very hard to let go of this gorgeous boy!