Sergei~ Large Traditional Akhal Teke Stallion sculpted by Kitty Cantrel

Here he is at last. The much awaited for beautiful Akhal Teke stallion sculpted by the talented artist, Kitty Cantrell. Sergei, pronounced 'sara-gay', is a tall and elegant large traditional sized stallion. He is solid cast, with our usual steel reinforcements in his legs. Kitty's incredible ability to capture the unique traits of this amazing acient breed are evident in her sculpting of Sergei. This lovely piece is casting and available now. $185. for unpainted, plus $10. shipping inside the US. Shipping rates higher overseas. Pictured above, painted in a dappled buckskin by Gina Hall, and in a metallic palomino by Lisa Bickford.


The Akhal Teke horse is versitile and often unusual in his coloring. A metallic sheen to his coat is common and a beautiful site to behold. Shown above, painted in dapple grey by Kim Swanson, and in bay roan by Terra Pennington. To learn more about this amazing breed from Turkmenistan, please visit the following sites: