Sherman by Yvonne Stevens

We are so excited to add Sherman to our line of exclusive resin horses!  Sherman is a traditional sized 'grade gelding' by Yvonne Stevens, sculptor of the popular discontinued horse, "Derby".  This is a positively lovely horse. I do believe it's Yvonne's best sculpt yet. He has so much detail...look at those eye lashes!  Gentle kind look to him. I would personally say he looks like a Mustang and I will add "stallion parts" to him at no cost if wanted.  I love donating to the Mustang cause, so some of the proceeds from Sherman's sales will go to them. One of my favorite "haunts" is the BLM site of adoptable Mustangs. Actually it makes me crazy to go there since I know that alot of these beautiful horses will NOT get adopted and their future will be questionable at best. Here's the site: