Shown above, painted by Sculpting
artist Chris Jolly.

Shown above, painted by Nan Wagner.

Here she is at long last! Yucky's sweet old gal, "Yummi".
Chris Jolly has once again mastered the look of a decrepit old mare spending her last years peacefully retiring with her soul-mate, Yucky. We should all be so lucky!
This precious sculpture is solid cast with stainless steel reinforfements and is Traditional sized. She costs $150., unpainted Plus $10. for shipping.
Only 1 mold on this special girl....approx 50 pieces.
Silly little Yummi is reminisent of "Delta Dawn" with that little flower in her mane! One of our favorite artists, Kim Burd painted this mare, and really brought her detail to life. Look at that face! Truly, the "face only a mother could love"! Thanks, Kim, and thanks Chris Jolly.

Pictured here with Yucky,painted by sculpting artist
Chris Jolly