Custom Calliope Zorse, by Deb Buckler and Kathy McKenzie

Except for the pose, you might not guess that this Zorse actually started out as a Calliope Mule. I (Deb Buckler) have resculpted a scruffy mane and tail on her, shortened and refined her ears and also refined her head, to give her a more authentic Zorse appearence. Going by pictures of real Zorses, artist Kathy McKenzie has painted a very detailed and time-consuming color pattern that really makes this amazing creature come to life. What a beauty! Thanks, Kathy! I know this took some time! $300 plus shipping.


Imagine our surprise when Rusty returned from her latest Parelli seminar with another Zorse! I wonder what she's up to this time?!

"You really wanna KNOW what Rusty is "up to"? She thinks she's gonna teach that psycho biker dude how to ride! Now THAT oughta be interesting! Rusty is having a good day when SHE doesn't fall off the horse! Ha!" 
Rusty! Is that true?! You're teaching Jess to ride? He's never been on a horse before!
"Oh don't worry! I'm teaching Jess to pray, and he's very excited about learning to ride. Actually, I think he just wants to impress Jolene....he's a very confused young man, you know! But this Zorse is a Parelli graduate, and she will take good care of him"!

Jess and Rusty worked hard all summer, and Jess really made some progress. He has gotten so that he can get on and off the horse by himself with no problems! Hey, looking good, Jess!
"Yeah! Isn't this like, the coolest horse you ever saw? I mean, he has all these stripes and stuff, like he was a jungle horse! Rusty says I'll be ready for a show next year!"

Poor Jess. I don't think Jolene is gonna like THIS horse, either!